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The rig was owned by Transocean Ltd. BP chief executive Tony Hayward canceled a scheduled appearance today at a London oil conference, citing his commitment to the Gulf relief effort. Yet on the whole, the oil industry has been good to Lailhengue — very good. With a highschool degree, she pulls down white-collar money as a title analyst for a drilling company.

That argument, echoed by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, the oil industry, and a multitude of regular Gulf-dwelling folk living close to the disaster, is at the heart of a lawsuit challenging the moratorium. The plaintiffs, led by marine company Hornbeck Offshore Services LLC, argue that the government overstepped its bounds in issuing the May 28 moratorium that halted work on 33 deep-water rigs.

District Judge Martin Feldman weighed those arguments as well as rebuttals from environmental groups. He is expected to decide whether to issue an injunction overturning the moratorium by Wednesday morning. About 40 workers are still underground, Antioquia state disaster coordinator John Rendon said Monday.

Officials hold out little hope any are still alive. Rescuers carried out 13 bodies Sunday from deep inside the 1. They found two more Monday. The blast occurred Wednesday. Rendon said debris and the persistent buildup of methane and carbon monoxide gases continue to impede rescue efforts. A fringe nationalist group, which calls the film anti-Japanese for criticizing what it calls a timehonored tradition, has staged rallies in and around Tokyo to press theaters to cancel screenings.

Since the violent takeover of Gaza by Hamas — an Islamic militant group responsible for firing thousands of rockets at Israeli border communities — Israel has let in only limited humanitarian supplies, including basic foods and medicine. Now that Israel is promising, under international pressure, to ease the restrictions, aid officials say urgent action is needed.

During the three-year blockade, the U. Israel insists on maintaining its sea blockade and inspecting overland cargo to keep. A Palestinian boy turns around last week as he walks toward a primary school housed inside United Nations Relief and Works Agency containers, in Nusseirat, central Gaza Strip. During a three-year Israeli blockade, the U. Israel remained vague Monday about how and when it expected to deliver more goods to Gaza.

Officials outlined procedures that suggested a slow pace, despite a White House call for quick changes in the blockade policy. Steps forward In coming days, Israel will review building projects with representatives of international organizations, including the U.

Guy Inbar, a Defense Ministry official. If there are no security concerns, talks will begin on how much material is needed, he said. Such a procedure was in place during the blockade, but only one U. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Cement and other building materials were delivered only last month. Now the pace is expected to pick up, Inbar said. Israeli TV stations showed. But many questions remain unanswered, including whether Israel will allow full trade, seen as key to reviving industry and creating jobs. Israel currently operates only one land crossing, but the government said it will open others if needed and if security concerns are addressed. In the Nusseirat refugee camp, the U. Principal Hamdan al-Hor said parents initially did not want to send their children there, but conditions became more tolerable when he mounted fans to circulate the stifling hot air.

Welders cut openings for doors and windows and whitewashed the metal walls, transforming the containers into classrooms, as well as a small science lab, a library and a computer rooms. A sandy lot serves as a playground. Mothers who calm their children by blowing opium smoke in their faces. Whole communities hooked on heroin with few opportunities for recovery treatment. Use of opiates such as heroin and opium has doubled in Afghanistan in the last five years, the U.

Nearly 3 percent of Afghans ages 15 to 64 are addicted to opiates, according to a study by the U. Office on Drugs and Crime.

The U. That puts Afghanistan, along with Russia and Iran, as the top three countries for opiate drug use worldwide, according to Sarah Waller, an official of the U. She said a survey found about 1. The data suggest that even as the U. That creates yet another barrier to international efforts to combat the drug trade, which helps pay for the Taliban insurgency. Drug crops have. Afghan drugs Opium cultivation in Afghanistan declined for a second-straight year in , but the number of users has grown since Opium cultivation in acres , , The Afghan government and its international backers have made a massive effort in recent years to discourage farmers from growing opium poppy, and its cultivation dropped 22 percent last year.

Some of the drop is likely due to lower market prices, but the government has said it also shows that the Afghan war on drugs is having some success. Yet almost 1 million Afghans — 8 percent of the to age group — are regular drug users, addicted to opiates, cannabis and tranquilizers, according to the report, which was based on surveys of about 2, drug users, community leaders, teachers and doctors.

By comparison, 0. The PleuraFlow device, which prevents blood clots from blocking drainage tubes placed in patients after heart and lung surgeries, is already approved for sale in Canada, and an application with the U. Food and Drug Administration is pending, according to the company. The case examines a firm that managed complex deals known as collateralized debt obligations after they were created by banks.

The firm, ICP Asset Management, used the four CDOs, sold under the name Triaxx, like a piggy bank to enrich itself by diverting millions of dollars from investors, the commission said in the complaint. The Federal Reserve has completed an initial review of compensation policies at 28 large banks it oversees and has been giving them confidential feedback on areas where they must change. On Monday, the Fed and other federal regulators issued final guidelines, stressing the need for policies that do not give executives, traders, and other bank employees incentives to make overly risky investments that might earn them huge bonuses in the short run while leaving the bank exposed to losses in the long term.

Foreclosure-aid plan struggles In March , the Obama administration began a foreclosure-prevention program. Since then, about , borrowers have dropped out. Loan modifications under the housing plan, to date thousand Permanent modifications In front of the shop on Northeast Second Street, a repair stand held a bike frame. Two used bikes sat parked in a nearby rack. In the showroom, another stand held a nearly completed bike; frames hung from the wall, wheels and tires from the rafters, and a side room contained more bike frames and parts.

Bend Velo owner Eric Power, 49, plans to turn them all into custom bicycles. These bikes have fenders, fat tires, baskets, kickstands, new powder coating and cork hand grips wrapped with hemp.

Power plans to outfit some with dynamo lighting systems. The bikes get dated with the year produced, and they even have a brand name: J. Livingston bicycles look like models from the s, or something a professor might be seen riding around a college campus. To emphasize the classic look, Power used a typewriter font for the Livingston logo, which also has an abstract im-. One person may be all it takes to start a business, but owners looking to grow need well-versed advisers and a strong executive management team.

The panelists said startup business owners should build a small board of advisers who have experience finding investors and building up companies. She said having advisers with recognizable names — such as angel investors, business owners or other business professionals — brings credibility to a business, and helps make investors more comfortable. That seems to be working for Lisa Flynn and whippersnappers studio, a Bend photo studio with four franchises in three states.

Flynn had three meetings earlier this month with venture capitalists and angel investors in San Francisco who are interested in buying into her business. Second St. Bend has plenty of shops that sell bicycles, Power said, but many cater specifically to high-performance road riders or mountain bikers. Bend Velo makes bikes for the masses from recycled parts. Power, who wants to be like the town butcher or cobbler once found in nearly every city, wants to get people out of their cars and onto bicycles.

Paying to keep patients out of hospital Insurers taking the long view and investing in primary care with an eye toward prevention By Reed Abelson New York Times News Service. Like a lot of doctors, Patrick Kilduff has too many patients and too little time. He and the five other physicians in Shavertown, Pa. That makes it virtually impossible to spend time explaining to patients the importance of keeping their blood sugar under control or how to take their medicine.

They are giving primary care doctors more help — and more money — to take care of the sickest patients and help prevent them from becoming sicker. Otherwise, insurers know they risk being overwhelmed by rising health care costs as an older, sicker population copes with serious chronic conditions. Glenn Steele Jr. Geisinger is known nationally for its innovative approaches to delivering high-quality care at lower cost.

They cautioned, though, that the rise in the currency, the renminbi, is expected to be gradual, even if many American economists say it is 20 percent to 40 percent undervalued. SGI, a California company that makes servers and data storage equipment, looks forward to extra business. In fact, costs have already been rising this year because of demands for higher wages among Chinese workers, who are balking at the coastal jobs once coveted as a way out of rural poverty.

Registration required. Class continues June 23, pm – pm; p. First St. Lectures on Tuesday and Thursday pm, June 22 – July Labs on Friday and Saturday am – pm, June and July Refreshments will be served. Call to reserve your seat; free; 6 p.

Cushing Drive, Bend; Highway 97, Redmond; or www. Columbia St. Successful completion results in an ODOT credential for flaggers.

Charles Bend, N. Neff Road; or joy bendproperty. Registration required by June 22; free; noon-1 p. Wall St. Minnesota Ave. Greenwood Ave. Registration required by June 22; free; p.

Dogwood Ave. To register, e-mail contactus AspireOregon. Third St. College Way, Bend; or www. Visit the website and click on the show icons; free; 7 p. Wayne T. Miner to James P. Atkinson Jr. McMahon, trustees of Joseph F. Lillesve, trustees of Sara E. Horton Inc. Mast and Kathleen M. McGrew, trustees of Dale W. Huntley, trustee of the Jerry R. Fent-Huntley, trustee of the Carol B. That is expected to save merchants billions of dollars, some of which could be passed on to customers in the form of lower prices.

The acquiescence of House Democrats, after modest changes to limit the scope and soften the impact, may set a pattern for the week ahead. The conference committee of members from both chambers appointed to develop a final version of the legislation must complete its work this week to maintain the schedule set by Democratic. Key remaining issues include how to regulate derivatives trading, the extent of restrictions on banks investing their own money, and whether to require stronger buffers against unexpected losses.

If you have Marketplace events you would like to submit, please contact Collene Funk at , e-mail business bendbulletin. That is because along with what it produces there, Caterpillar sells China some of its most sophisticated, and therefore expensive, American-made equipment, including giant bulldozers, large mining trucks and gas turbines.

John Frisbie, president of the United States-China Business Council, cited companies with low-end products, like apparel, shoes and toys, as among those most affected. Mitch Free, chairman of MFG. He expects the trend to continue. Fred Bergsten, director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, predicted that if the renminbi rose by 20 percent over the next two.

Trade experts say that companies that export to China, such as Caterpillar, will benefit, and discounters that rely on China as a low-cost export platform may be squeezed. Frisbie was more skeptical about the impact on the trade deficit. Neither a stronger renminbi nor higher wages would have much effect on major companies like GE or Boeing that have made large investments in China to sell to local consumers, he said. An opportunity For companies that make products in China for sale elsewhere, however, there will be an incentive to reconsider where their factories are.

Still, some companies may decide to continue diversifying their suppliers, said Hana BenShabat, who oversees A. She said she did not expect a wave of moves to lower-wage countries because labor costs make up only 15 percent to 20 percent of apparel costs.

Now you can visit www. Cliff Kushler developed Swype, software that allows users to glide a finger across the virtual keyboard to spell words, rather than tapping out each letter. The introduction of Apple Inc. Capitalization and double letters can be indicated with a pause or squiggle, while spacing and punctuation are automatic. That was before inventor Cliff Kushler, based here in Seattle, and a partner created software called T9, which could bring that number down to three by guessing the word being typed.

Now there is a new challenge to typing on phones. More phones are using virtual keyboards on a touch screen, replacing physical buttons. But pecking out a message on a small piece of glass is not so easy, and typos are common. Kushler thinks he has a solution once again.

His new technology, called Swype, allows users to glide a finger across the virtual keyboard to spell words, rather than tapping out each letter. Kushler developed Swype with a fellow research scientist, Randy Marsden. While many smart phones have features that auto-complete words, correct typos on the fly and add punctuation, Kushler is aiming for the next level. Huge potential Kushler says Swype is a big breakthrough that could reach billions of people. To date, the T9 technology has been built into more than 4 billion devices worldwide.

The movements do not have to be precise because the software calculates which words a user is most likely trying to spell. By the end of the year, the company says its software will be on more than 50 models worldwide. It does not have a deal with Apple, the king of touch-screen phones, but it is tinkering with software for the iPhone and the iPad and hopes to show it to Apple soon.

To make money, Swype charges phone makers a licensing fee. It also sees opportunity in add-ons. Using Graffiti was slower than typing and forced people to learn an entirely new handwriting format to produce accurate results, said Gavin Lew, co-founder of User Centric, a consulting firm that studies user experiences with mobile devices. He took note of the popularity of devices like those from Palm that used a.

He worked with Marsden to fine-tune the Swype software — which took a laborious seven years. The competition Swype is not the only start-up hoping to profit from innovations in this area. Many companies are trying to improve the way people type on touch screens, which are proliferating swiftly. The research firm Gartner expects global sales of touch-screen devices to reach SlideIT, a start-up with offices in the United States and Israel, sells applications for touch screen text input with a finger or stylus for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android-based phones.

The company says that since February its software has been downloaded more than , times. Nuance, a company best known for speech recognition software, acquired a start-up called ShapeWriter that matches patterns traced onto a touchscreen keyboard with those of commonly written words. It is negotiating with phone makers to use its software, called T9 Trace. Google is trying to let people skip the screen entirely by developing voice- and image-recognition technologies.

Its Goggles application can analyze a photo of some text and translate it into a different language — no typing required. Meanwhile, Swype is moving ahead with its own voice recognition feature, which it expects to add to smart phones this summer. New York Times News Service. Despite falling e-reader prices, the cost of electronic books has remained flat or actually risen slightly as publishers seek a bigger piece of the pie.

Amazon has said its main focus is on selling electronic books. The company even gives away software that allows customers to read e-books on personal computers, iPhones and BlackBerrys. Later this year, Amazon reportedly will issue the next major update to the Kindle. The third version of the device is expected to be lighter than the current Noble reduced the price of its ereader, the Nook, by 23 percent. Hours later Amazon responded with an even deeper price cut of 27 percent.

The resulting competition has spurred Amazon. Last month, Google. Joe Barton, R. Google has responded to the lawmakers with a letter stating that it believes its data gathering was unfortunate, but legal. Nm Nm D MktVCoal 0. But building bikes from recycled parts has been popular, he said. Customers like the idea of reusing old parts in a new bike, and those who do not keep up with the latest equipment or bike racing feel less intimidated at Bend Velo, he said.

Power agreed to answer some additional questions from The Bulletin. We have road bikes. Bend Velo also sells one line of new bikes, Bionicon mountain bikes, which have a unique on-the-fly air suspension system that allows them to morph from cross-country to downhill bike.

On his website, Power calls Bio-. Why did you decide to start a bike shop? I worked in bike shops as a kid. I have been a bike racer. I embrace the whole racer scene. Where I thought Bend was lacking was in the needs of the practical cyclist. We need a shop like this as an alternative. The doctors involved in the Geisinger experiment say they would not hesitate to hospitalize a patient if necessary. Many other insurers are also trying new, similar ways of rewarding primary care doctors.

Continued from B1 Cox had gone to the emergency room with low blood sugar, but she has not been in the hospital for about three years. But she has no qualms about reaching out to the nurse. Under the arrangement with the outside doctors, Geisinger pays for the nurses and shares with the doctors any savings they can achieve by reducing medical expenses. Geisinger says it is pleased with the early results. In an unpublished review of data, Geisinger experienced an 18 percent drop in hospital admissions; overall medical expenses fell 7 percent.

Geisinger expects to publish a study on its results later this. In one case, in Texas, a nurse whose salary is paid by Cigna discovered that a diabetic patient was missing checkups and not filling his prescriptions because he had lost his job. He was insured through his wife, but the couple could no longer afford to pay his share of the cost of prescriptions or the copayments for the office visit without his income. The nurse worked with the doctor to find cheaper medicines for the man and arranged for.

We need to get more people on bikes. To start riding your bike as basic transportation can truly be a life-changing experience. The shop really has a social cause as well because of the recycled parts becoming new bikes. The social aspect was unforeseen. What is different about your bikes?

People can build the bikes, pick the color bike, pick matching fenders. How do you see the business evolving? Riders get on their Livingstons, Raleigh three-speeds. The men look like Sherlock Holmes. The women look like Dutch ladies on bikes.

My dream is that when I go to the farmers market in Bend, I see people who have ridden there on J. Livingston bikes to buy their produce. Why did you name the bikes after your friend John Livingston?

I went to work thinking of the J. Livingston design. My friends and I got together and compared ideas. Has starting this business led to anything. But Ginsburg says insurers with many customers in a geographic market — like Blue Cross of Rhode Island, which covers two-thirds of those who are privately insured in the state — are also in a position to team with local doctors to provide better care.

But doctors say it is important. Geisinger offered InterMountain Medical at least half of any money saved from preventing readmissions to the hospital, among other measures. The reward was based, too, on various measures of the quality of care delivered. A model insurer?

Even though such experiments seem promising, more evidence is needed to show that this model works, said Dr. Jaan Sidorov, a former Geisinger insurance executive who is now a consultant.

Others also worry that Geisinger, often cited as a national model for health care delivery, may be a tough act to follow. By investing heavily in technology, Geisinger has developed an unusually sophisticated way of tracking patients, and its own doctors — unlike many around the nation — have long made use of electronic health records.

Startups Continued from B1 Flynn credits her advisory board of about a half dozen people for those meetings, which she believes may turn into capital investment. The type of company plays a large role in the kind of managers it needs, Putnam said. A company that is based around a brand, such as a specific clothing line, might want a person who knows marketing and another who knows how to manage people, while a biotech company might want a scientist, an Internet technician and a person who knows operations at the helm, she said.

Management Companies also need to be able to grow at the right speed, Putnam said. That means possibly holding off on hiring a slew of people when sales initially take off.

One aspect that Putnam said often is overlooked is the chemistry of the management team. She said people in the management team must like one another. She said investors sometimes shy away from husband-wife teams without good reason. But now, with as many as three investors potentially interested in whippersnappers, she has her sights set on expansion: a goal of franchises nationwide within five years and new employees in Central Oregon in the next three to handle the growth.

Due diligence Jon Napier, an attorney at Karnopp Petersen, said business owners should always keep track of documents, both for investors and for hiring executives. Napier said investors want to see that a company has performed its due diligence on things such as taxes and state filings. Document things like employment contracts up front, he said. Market recap DivMu GovtInc OverseasA HussmnStrGr AffilA p IntlStk IntValue I IntlVal The upscale, unique hotel experience you have heretofore deemed unimaginable has finally arrived.

Our Bend, Oregon, accommodations afford our sophisticated guests everything the active, eco-conscious traveler desires—a gorgeously designed, full-service boutique hotel that manages to organically fuse eco-sustainability with all the luxurious amenities, convenience and incomparable service you expect from a four-diamond hotel.

For more information please stop by 10 NW Minnesota Avenue, call Attention, photographers! Submit your own photography at www. No doctored photos, please! From light comes shadows, the dark mirrors of reality. Including shadows in your images can add an extra dimension of visual interest. Some photo shoots have obvious shadow play, but at other times the photographer must search for locations and angles that allow him to capture and emphasize the shadows in the frame.

Viewers of your images will identify with the shadows in them. The viewer of a shadow sees a copy of the real scene. The vagueness of the information that the shadow reveals opens up the infinite possibilities for interpretation, giving the viewer a sort of fill-in-the-blank exercise for the brain.

Because shadows create added interest and draw the viewer into. An opponent of the 3-cent gas tax in Sisters said Monday he will continue the legal fight to strike down the tax. The controversy dates to August , when the Sisters City Council passed a 3-cent gas tax. The tax was referred to voters, who approved it during a March election. The city councils in Redmond and Madras also passed 3-cent gas taxes last year, but voters in both cities overwhelmingly rejected the proposed tax.

That left Sisters alone in Central Oregon to defend the tax. Backed by the Oregon Petroleum Association, a gas dealer sued Sisters. Once Romain and his clients file the appeal, the case could take more than a year to reach the court, Romain said. Romain plans to use the same argument as he did in Deschutes, that the March vote came too late for the tax to take effect. Romain also lost a case in Washington County, in which he argued the new 2-cent gas tax in Cornelius should be repealed.

Here are some tips for how to shoot them: In natural light, shoot in the morning or evening for the best chance at capturing large and detailed shadows. In the studio, lights allow for more direct manipulation of angle and intensity of the shadows you create. The shadows you create in the studio will draw you in as a photographer. Whether shooting in the studio or in natural light, big, clean backdrops work best when trying to create strong shadows.

Experiment with natural and or studio lights to get shadow images you like, and let your imagination go wild. I shot it while we were hiking up a trail behind the lodge to capture the mountain sunset in the background of my wedding photos. This image works on a couple of levels: The pathway frames the bride and groom, and the greenery adds interesting points around them.

Photos by Andy Tullis. Weather forces parkway crews to start later Bulletin staff reports Cold overnight weather conditions have affected construction work scheduled for the Bend Parkway, and will force crews to adjust work hours for later in the day this week, according to a news release from the Oregon Department of Transportation. Construction crews applying wear-resistant materials on the Colorado Avenue and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway overpasses will work from 5 a.

Originally, the construction on the bridges was scheduled to be done between the hours of 3 a. However, due to freeze warnings and unusually chilly weather around Central Oregon during the past weeks, construction efforts are being rescheduled. Today, the southbound lanes of the Colorado overpass and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe overpass will undergo renovations. Northbound lanes will be worked on during the second half of the week. Single lane closures in the work area are planned for the project.

Signs will be posted to alert motorists to the construction. The monthlong project, which began June 7, is set to eliminate ruts and smooth out the surface of overpasses along the Bend Parkway by applying a wear-resistant surface to the road. The construction along the parkway is scheduled to be finished by July 1. While out on the hunt for an interesting picture a few years back, I came across this BMX rider on a quarterpipe next to a youth center in Madras.

I used flash to pop him with a bit of light. While shooting a few frames, I began to notice his shadow appearing on the wall beside him while he was airborne. Playing in the shadow light, my son and I made this picture together during a recent warm evening.

Shadows can bring out the child in all of us. Stretching out your arms to see your distorted shadows below can even make an old curmudgeon giggle. Using photography for fun times like this helps with your creative process. Let go a bit and allow the shadows to help direct your photography. Charles Campbell, 79, of Bend, and his shadow were connected during a noxious weed cleanup in Bend.

I turned my camera to focus on the shadow, making his actual body a small part of the image. Instead , I zoomed in on his connection to the earth and his shadow emulating his movement. When starting out, turn your automatic flash function off.

If, after shooting for a while, you realize you need a bit of flash to light part of you image, try covering the flash with layers of tissue paper to soften the effect. Try using a wider-angle lens. A wider perspective will help the photographer get in close to the shadows to focus on the contrasting dark and light forms. This can be tricky, but shooting more images and continuing to change settings while taking notes throughout will allow you to eventually produce a shadow masterpiece. Former Warm Springs Chief Financial Officer Ray Potter said he was recently fired by the tribal government only days after speaking with federal investigators from the U.

The grant is intended to pay for houses and apartments for lowincome residents of the Warm Springs Reservation. Potter declined to elaborate on what he discussed with federal officials because it was part of an ongoing investigation.

Volunteer fireman accused of driving fire engine drunk, cursing campers By Kate Ramsayer The Bulletin. A volunteer firefighter was arrested Sunday morning after allegedly driving a firetruck recklessly through a campground at Lake Billy Chinook, yelling obscenities at campers, while under the influence of alcohol.

Kristopher Wood, 34, of Redmond, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving, first-degree criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and failure to perform the duties of a driver. Shortly after a. Bryan Skidgel. Deputies arrived on scene and took Wood into custody. Deputies reported that Wood had rolled his personal car earlier within the Three Rivers area, which is between the confluence of the Metolius and Deschutes rivers.

Wood was due to work a shift at the fire district, Skidgel said. He went to the station and took a firetruck.

The branch, which has seen a jump in its enrollment for the summer session, will extend the program through Sept. It has instituted a waiting list to deal with high attendance rates.

The summer session, which began Monday, aims to promote character and leadership development through events and programs for kids in the community. The program is accepting donations of money and supplies for the summer months.

For more information about the club, or to donate, visit www. Today is Tuesday, June 22, the rd day of There are days left in the year. Katherine Ramirez, 14, of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. The film opens everywhere Wednesday, June Any new information, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call Bend Police Department. June 18, in the block of Northwest Oak Tree Lane. June 18, in the block of Northwest Fifth Street. June 18, in the block of Southwest Deschutes Avenue.

June 18, in the block of Northwest 22nd Place. June 18, in the block of Southwest Fourth Street. June 18, in the block of Southwest Evergreen Avenue. June 18, in the block of Northwest Elm Avenue. June 19, in the block of Southwest Indian Avenue. June 19, in the block of Southwest Veterans Way. June 19, in the block of Southeast Sixth Street.

June 19, in the block of Southwest Quartz Avenue. June 19, in the block of Southwest Xero Avenue. Prineville Police Department. June 17, in the area of North Main Street. June 17, in the area of Northeast Seventh Street.

June 18, in the area of Erickson and Neff roads in Bend. June 18, in the block of 11th Street in Terrebonne. June 18, in the block of Southwest Quarry Avenue in Redmond. June 18, in the. June 18, in the block of Eighth Street in Tumalo. June 19, in the block of U. Highway 97 in La Pine. June 20, in the block of Whitney Road in La Pine. June 20, in the block of Bunchgrass Place in Bend.

June 20, in the area of Cooley Road and North U. Highway 97 in Bend. June 14, in the area of Haystack Reservoir. June 14, in the block of Southwest Belmont Lane in Madras. June 15, in the area of U. Highway 26 near milepost June 19, in Three Rivers. Oregon State Police. June 18, in the area of State Highway near milepost Post-Goldblum, 24, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at a.

June 19, in the area of Industrial Way and Colorado Avenue. Friday p. Saturday a. Sunday p. Dorrie Ct. Federal drug agents launched a wideranging crackdown on medical marijuana providers in northern California. Chris Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault of ex-girlfriend Rihanna he was later sentenced to probation and community labor.

Lucas Glover won the U. Open at Bethpage Black. Singer-actor Kris Kristofferson is Actor Michael Lerner is Broadcast journalist Brit Hume is Singer Peter Asher Peter and Gordon is Actor Andrew Rubin is Actor David L. Lander is Kaylan is Singer-musician Todd Rundgren is Actress Meryl Streep is Actress Lindsay Wagner is Singer Alan Osmond is Actor Murphy Cross is Actor Graham Greene is Pop singer Cyndi Lauper is Actor Chris Lemmon is Rock musician Derek Forbes is Actor Tim Russ is Actorproducer-writer Bruce Campbell is Rock musician Alan Anton Cowboy Junkies is Actress Tracy Pollan is Rock singer-musician Jimmy Somerville is Author Dan Brown is Rock singer-musician Mike Edwards Jesus Jones is Actress Amy Brenneman is Rock singer Steven Page is Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub is TV personality Carson Daly is Rock musician Chris Traynor is Country musician Jimmy Wallace is Actor Donald Faison is Actress Alicia Goranson is Actress Lindsay Ridgeway is Truman June 18, in the block of Northwest Wall Street.

June 18, in the area of Northwest Franklin and Northwest Broadway avenues. June 18, in the block of Northeast Watt Way.

June 18, in the block of South U. Highway June 18, in the block of Whistle Punk Road. Branch, 41, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at a. June 19, in the block of Southeast Third Street. June 19, in the block of Northeast First Street. June 19, in the block of Northeast Carson Way. June 19, in the block of Northeast Twin Knolls Drive. June 19, in the block of Northeast U.

June 20, in the block of Northwest Greenwood Avenue. June 20, in the block of Southeast Third Street. June 20, in the block of Northwest Columbia Street. June 20, in the block of South U. June 20, in the block of North U. June 20, in the block of Northwest Drake Road. June 20, in the block of Northeast Heavenly Drive. June 20, in the block of Southeast Armour Road. June 20, in the block of Painters Road. June 20, in the block of Southeast Wilson Avenue.

June 20, in the block of Southeast Fifth Street. June 20, in the block of Southwest Powerhouse Drive. June 20, in the block of Country Club Drive. In , the United States Department of Justice was created.

In , President Franklin D. In , singer-actress Judy Garland died in London at age The extended act lowered the minimum voting age to In , John N. Mitchell became the first former U. Attorney General to go to prison as he began serving a sentence for his role in the Watergate cover-up.

He was released 19 months later. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held July 13 to celebrate the accreditation of MountainStar Family Relief Nursery by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, according to a news release.

The ceremony, which will be held from 4 to 6 p. E Daggett Lane, is open to the public. Currently the only accredited early childhood program in the area, the nursery provides crisis intervention and therapeutic classrooms for at-risk children in the community. But spill response officials from Washington, Oregon and the U. Environmental Protection Agency said in a debriefing weeks later that they should have been told sooner and that the response should have been more aggressive.

Documents compiled from the debriefing were released after the Coast Guard completed its accident investigation. The documents underscore the. The Coast Guard has already notified EPA more quickly in subsequent incidents in the Columbia and off the coast, he said. Scores of sheep flock together and head in the same direction after they are spooked by a nearby crop-dusting helicopter at a farm on Sauvies Island in Portland on Friday.

Among the commercial accounts that were billed incorrectly, the audit found total under-. Milwaukie Mayor Jeremy Ferguson said the city will work with its utility customers to fix the mistakes and restore confidence in the system.

The groups filed a formal petition Monday arguing that the board ignored an analysis by state scientists that found increasing clearcutting on the Clatsop and Tillamook state forests over the next 20 years would be bad for salmon. Bob Van Dyk of the Wild Salmon Center says watersheds on the two forests are home to some of the strongest salmon runs in the state and need to be protected.

Mother of abandoned baby allegedly abused PORTLAND — An attorney for a woman who pleaded guilty to abandoning her dead infant in a trash can 20 years ago says her client was sexually victimized as a teenager. Stacey Quintero faces up to. Quintero pleaded guilty Friday to one count each of negligent homicide and concealing the birth of an infant. Salem attorney Jon Weiner said today that Quintero was 15 when she was impregnated by a year-old man. The infant died soon after birth in April Last year, detectives linked Quintero to the death through DNA evidence.

Police said year-old Jocelyn Pabingwit was found by an officer behind a counter bleeding from stab wounds before her year-old husband, Diosdado Pabingwit, came at the officer with a bloody knife and was shot when he refused to drop it.

The couple lived in Hillsboro and owned JP Cuisine, the restaurant where the incident oc-. Police believe it was a case of domestic violence but are continuing to investigate. The federal grand jury indictment alleges Monticelli stole three Suzuki motorcycles that were property of the Department of Air Force, th Special Tactics Squadron, Oregon Air National Guard, where he was assigned on active duty. Trial was set for Aug.

District Court in Portland. Father and son responsible for wildfires dating back to , federal officials say By Jeff Barnard The Associated Press. The count federal indictment released Monday charges Dwight L. Hammond Jr. Hammond, 41, with setting at least eight late-summer fires on federal lands on the flanks of Steens Mountain since Most fires were under acres, but one in , called the Granddad, was 46, acres. The Hammonds, who run a large cattle ranch, were not taken into custody.

Arraignment was set for July 6 in U. District Court in Eugene on charges that include conspiracy, arson, depredation of federal property, threatening federal officers and tampering with a witness. The family ranch, on private and leased federal lands, is in the remote rural community of Diamond in Harney County, where cattle outnumber people and ranchers have long been at odds with conservationists over grazing on public lands. The investigation started in August , after a U.

Attorney Kirk Engdall said. The indictment mentions physical evidence that includes a boot print and a tire track from a military-style Jeep. The men were arrested in by local authorities but never formally charged, Engdall said. Anyone that is potentially setting fires without first making preparations that the fires will be controlled puts everyone at risk. Our hope with the prosecution of this case is, one, to bring that to the attention of the general public, and two, to bring accountability for the alleged wrongful acts of the Hammonds.

The DOJ found,. Business people applying for new or renewed licenses often have their livelihoods at stake. That audit, by the way, was released just weeks before Bend officials sent a letter to Gov.

New license applications took more than three times as long to process in Portland than they did in Bend and a whopping 20 times as long as in Salem. One application was still open after 18 months. After all, livelihoods were at stake.

But, no. Managers had tools at their disposal to monitor the license process, according to the audit, but they simply chose not to use them. Ignoring the applications-pending audit, however, was far from the only accountability problem in the Portland office. Another was simple absence of supervision. Why in the world would supervisors allow inspectors in a barely functional office to manage themselves? Data collected for this.

For blowing face ventilation, field data and past research. Dust levels. There is a limited knowledge in this area and field data are. The results obtained are in reasonable agreement. Studies are now planned to analyze. Parametric studies will also be conducted to evaluate the effect of air velocity, input dust. Chugh 1 , K. Mondal 1 and J. Hirschi 2 ; 1 Mining and Mineral Resources. Goals are to: 1 Develop physical and chemical characteristics. Quartz control may be limited by its association to hydrophobic materials as well as buoyancy.

Moving material is always a challenge, especially at transfer points. At these critical junctures,. Technology is currently available. Off-the-shelf software. This paper will define what true control flow is and discuss the typical parameters. Australia has reported few. However, available. For most US coal fields, the ratio of critical width to depth.

Smax remains the same but. The longwall panel dimensions. Deviating from the. In this paper, the derived. These include investments in charities, lob by ing groups, in-kind contributions. The information age the subsequent.

These analytics provide strategic planners valuable benchmarks and. This paper reviews the development of such a data warehouse. A total of 33 coal beds were identified during the assessment, 24 of which were modeled.

HISLO generates high-frequency shockwaves that cause severe truck vibrations exposing. In this paper, the authors will examine engineered solutions to mitigate. In this research work thermal cycling followed by diagnostic testing on Global AC Excavator.

Excavator AC motor will be operated under. The schlieren technique describes an optical analysis method designed to enhance light distortions. The ability to visualize air. A schlieren background contains a varying contrast repetitive pattern,. Although BOS shows great potential for ventilation analysis, sensitivity and. Multiple camera settings need to be manipulated in combination. This is the Technical Program as of September 10, Please see the Onsite Program for final details.

Many coal operators employ the high load capacity. However, in cases where many discontinuities. Three underground case studies are presented to demonstrate the application. The final case study addresses. The US coal mining industry uses about million rock anchors per year. ASTM F specifies. Corrosion is also a major concern for underground civil. There is a perception however that when bolts are fully grouted, adequate. Research has shown that this is not necessarily. Buckling of thin laminations and cutters are common signs of initial failure for this type of.

When a roof fall occurs, it is mostly above the primary bolted horizon with a flat top and. As silty shale is brittle, roof falls mostly develop. With thick laminated silty shale, it is difficult to build a. Since installation of longer primary bolts in low seam mining is operationally. LaModel program with regard to the retreat pillar line, the gob, and barrier pillars.

The analysis. In conditions where the ground is relatively soft. The concepts of structural failure and functional failure of pillars are used to. The results. The ultimate pillar strain appears to be closely related. The phosphate fertilizer industry is at present based mainly on the use of sulfuric acid. Also it involves the use of expensive reactors for acidification. Applying hydrometallurgical.

In this case, however, nitric acid must be used and dicalcium phosphate. This technology does not interfere with uranium recovery. Both technical and economic advantages will be illustrated with examples of recent cost-effective. Optical microscopy was carried out to characterize the effect of heat treatment. The microstructures.

The EPA is scheduled to publish a rule regulating the mercury air emissions from gold mines. This talk will briefly outline the. A number of state and federal agencies are calling for development of aquatic life criteria for. Many benthic invertebrate taxa also do not respond to. Guide practices are early and frank communications among stakeholders and timely integration.

Switchgrass Panicum virgatum L. Three mine sites in West Virginia were planted and each had unique minesoil characteristics. At the end of the third growing season, biomass yields. Hampshire Hill with biosolids outperformed other. Although environmental permitting of new mining projects is largely driven by technical and. The company realized that anti-nuclear groups would strongly oppose. Uranium in-situ recovery ISR mining extracts uranium via enhanced dissolution of solidphase.

This research proposes predictive. What does it take for a junior uranium company to license a new in situ recovery ISR uranium. After a year of collecting baseline information, Uranerz submitted. Commencement of operations at the. TVA drilled over uranium exploration.

Powertech acquired the majority of the exploration data that was generated by TVA and. Today, the emphasis is on minimizing. Uranium in-situ recovery ISR involves the injection of an oxidizing lixiviant into the ore.

Groundwater quality effects are caused by reactions with the. At the conclusion of ISR, it is necessary to restore the. Groundwater sweep alone is insufficient for complete restoration because. Executive Order directing state agencies to enact specific protective measures to ensure the. Mining waste is a huge problem in its mass accumulation and long-term toxic uncertainties. Waste is widely known consequence of the. In reality, wastepiles is a monument of imperfection of.

Solving this problem requires a waste design fully integrated with the. This paper presents a concept in waste design. Accurate estimates of tailings density and settlement are critical for successful design, operation,. Recommendations are also given. To illustrate the differences in methods, settlements were calculated for two hypothetical.

Surface Mining , U. On October 11, , approximately million gallons of water and fine coal refuse slurry. Office of Surface Mining and other institutions undertook investigations.

Several studies addressed the flow characteristics of impounded refuse slurry. Operational waste management that promotes such Se VI reduction in facilities.

Samples of sterile chert and shale exposed. This paper will present a feasibility study of heap leach pad liner alternatives, including. The feasibility study will include comparisons of technical effectiveness based. We examine the availability. Available ANC, determined from solution chemistry, increases by a factor. Effluent chemistry implies long-term neutralization by silicates olivine and serpentine that.

As a result, numerous. In that time the major uses of talc have evolved and changed. This presentation will. Each aluminum creates a negative charge within its tetrahedral oxygen unit attracting. However, these cations do not become part of the zeolite crystal structure and can. Cations drawn into the zeolite channels are typically monovalent. These differences lead to different markets for each zeolite mineral. Global demand for rare earths in industrial, clean energy, transportation, defense, communications,.

Most kaolin pigments are wet processed through complex. Production data from the USGS show that overall kaolin growth has stopped. Paper mill closures. The mining. Additionally, living in Australia provides numerous lifestyle advantages due. This presentation. Over the past several years, there has been a sharp rise in US legal proceedings premised on.

The two most prominent. ATS concerns human rights issues – both are US laws that are extraterritorial in scope, claims. For mining companies, the best methods to prevent claims includes. It is a fact that mining operations must comply with all legal requirements, including licenses.

To be sustainable, a mining venture needs to gain credibility and develop mutual. I will share lessons learned from these Peruvian experiences, and show how a promining. Many disputes result from fear of social and environmental impact on traditional.

This session is designed to take some of the mystery out of measuring social performance by. It will provide a brief and practical introduction to current.

The discussion will be led by a senior social performance expert who has practical experience. A Mining Project Development uses to deal with a long negotiation period between authorities-citizens-investors. This Joined Booklet -edited by the author in a two-year work- incorporates 66 Acts. Regulations in a single Joined Booklet to reduce information asymmetries and reduce transaction.

This reduced visibility results in substantially increased escape. This paper. Most management decisions at all levels of the organization are as directly or indirectly depends. The prescriptive regulatory regime in the U. Without totally diminishing the contribution of a prescriptive. Congress in the wake of the UBB disaster that occurred in April What will occur as an. However, change is likely whether it be legislative,. The impact may. This ever evolving process and what it means to mine operators will be explored in this presentation.

This session will review the. Continuance of. The Panel is. Several different conveyor belts that meet different. Compared to other industries such as manufacturing autonomous. The real. The attributes of autonomous haulage that will eventually. These will create a platform to precisely extract and deliver material. The workplace by design will be substantially safer. The largest long term value will be.

Although it provided the proof of concept necessary to continue advancing. Plans are already underway for field trials of its soon to be released autonomous. These benefits include increased overall production of the machine, normalization of.

Of course, there are a lot of pitfalls associated with automated drilling as well. First and foremost is the problem of change management. This can be at least partially mitigated. Support technologies are also a big challenge. It is now possible to use automation technology to dramatically increase the safety and productivity.

Caterpillar, removes the need to operate a machine by line-of-site remote. Autonomous Solutions will present an overview of the state of the art in autonomous unmanned.

Incremental approaches to introducing robotic vehicles to. A primer on the technology will be given covering principles. The reduced need for traditionally trained and educated personnel in the mining industry is. But are the. Mining is changing. Increased liabilities. And we will be engaging. This paper presents. Toyota is a benchmark for Continuous Improvement culture but many fail to realize stark realities.

Yet still. This is your. This session will provide insight. The Asarco Ray Operation has been mining copper for over years. Asarco has successfully. This presentation summarizes a brief history of Ray, its unionized and.

Haul truck operators are being told to accept cameras in their cabs or to wear special. This paper will present the authors experience in. The mining industry can be very capital intensive and is often marked by high levels of depreciation. The presentation will focus on.

Operational definitions for equipment availability, utilization,. The presentation will look at the policies. Effective asset utilization is crucial to. By failing to achieve optimal effectiveness, production will suffer and. The presentation will look at why it is vital for. From a. The problem is further aggravated by a difficulty in replacing the skilled retiring. Paper presents an overview of the key processes and strategies for achieving maximum return.

Bates highlighted. A very few additional trends wrought by. These characteristics are still very true. Bates also recognized critical trends that affected the mining. Florida, by Advantage Minerals International and a new production operation in Russia. England and received a B. After teaching at. Rutgers — , Professor Bates taught at Ohio State until reaching emeritus, status in.

Bates authored the classic, Geology of the Industrial Minerals, in reprinted North America, mostly in the United States, with five in Canada and rarely in other countries. The Forum on Industrial Minerals, as founded by Professor. Bates, is a venerable institution that has contributed greatly to understanding and advancement.

Most geologists know the name of Robert L. Bates because of his important books about industrial. The widely distributed Geologic Column written by. Bates was a great punster, poet, and wordsmith. Bates, working with Julia Jackson, produced. He clarified. The unique characteristics of minerals appraisal have often been in conflict with standards. Changes to U. The appraiser accomplishes this first by providing information.

Then a course is set for the intended research. This paper is intended to provoke thought on. Many tangible and intangible elements of a mineral property make up its value; often overlapping. Consideration of these elements in the. Approach, the Cost Approach, and the Income Approach. Presented is a summary of the essential. USPAP standards. Although the subject as it pertains to real estate is widely discussed, there.

This presentation reviews the concept. This paper introduces the minerals appraiser to a. If sufficient data exist, discounted cash flow analysis DCF , is recognized by many as the. It must be accepted that profit is generally more sensitive to changes. Important factors to. Profit margins can vary greatly between mines or quarries that are producing similar products.

Often overlooked and hurried, the final reconciliation of an appraisal can bring home the efforts. Just as an attorney. This paper looks at some questions the appraiser should be asking. As Chinese Rare Earth exports continue to shrink in the face of unprecedented global demand,.

This paper will outline areas of regulation for which engineers are not necessarily prepared. Rare Element Resources is evaluating for possible development. A pilot plant test and. As Chinese rare earth exports continue to shrink in the face of unprecedented global demand,.

At the. North Stock target, early, low-sulfide, disseminated gold mineralization is hosted by diatreme. Throughout the Rattlesnake system, mineralization is associated. Results from these holes demonstrated that the property has the potential to host a very large.

Traditional, geostatistical based, categorical modeling techniques can often fail to adequately. It is not normally possible to infer the required statistics from the available. A TI is an exhaustive model that is representative of the.

Using this technique, multiple realizations. The geological. Newmont applied this methodology to two deposits. The deposit is located. Oligocene to Miocene volcanic.

Gold and copper mineralization is hosted by pervasive silica-altered volcanic rocks,. Use of those data for. The Summit on Mining Performance fo. Very often simplistic methodologies are used to define final highwall location. Use of cut-off strip ratios, for example, will often result in less than optimal return on investment.

This study found that transformational change had failed or fallen well short of stated goals. Most applicable of these tools are facilitated collaborative processes and mediation. Four principal options and three enhancement. A methodology has been developed and demonstrated to be effective in reclaiming surfacemined. One of the primary. Concern has been expressed by regulators and the public that loose grading on.

Kentucky to test the applicability of FRA in this setting. Final grading was performed according. The slope was instrumented. In recent years, dangerously high CO2 concentrations in home atmospheres have been reported. The authors believe that sub-slab. The authors. Incidents of potentially lethal concentrations of stray carbon dioxide CO2 in homes constructed.

In trying to understand the causes and factors influencing this phenomenon, reclaimed. The objective. Due to the codependent nature of these industries.

Specifically for the purpose of this paper the topic of topsoil regulation in surface mines. The main discussion will focus around the basis of these regulations,. Subtopics will begin with the discussion. The underlying focus. With increasing. SPI was used to assess the relative safety-related risk of mines, including by mine-size category. Miller 1 and P. Unfortunately, these companies are now facing a myriad of regulatory and economic challenges. This success is most of the time influenced by effective strategies for.

Many years of international experience in the prevention of accidents. The presentation will discuss basic principles and. Haul trucks. The objective of this research was to. These objectives are considered for Caterpillar haul. The research work presented here may be used by mining professionals.

Higher top speeds, better tire technology, and new coal. Botswana, called the Mmamabula coal resourse estimated at 2,6 billion tons. CIC is working. The coal field has 3 coal seams, varying in thickness. This paper will present the planning and final designs of the two open cut coal mines. Cable shovels are large capacity, capital intensive machines used as primary excavating machines.

The variations in the formation diggibility and repeated. One potential solution of the problem is the implementation of intelligent. Newton-Euler techniques, and the forces acting on the teeth, dipper-lips and sides and bottom. The research would advance the shovel availability, maintainability. Mining companies require accurate short term mining forecasts to meet budget targets and. In addition, a case.

Adequate estimation of equipment costs is a key factor in feasibility study and evaluation of. In this paper, capital and operation costs of backhoe. These cost functions are consisted of five independent variables; bucket size,. Prior to. All waste materials were screened and separated on-site, and the finegrained.

Working with the U. The system consists of a passive aeration structure, ferric chloride feed,. Hayward Baker to perform the work, beginning on May 24, The work consisted of construction. After injection of the fire-fighting foam, these holes were grouted to fill the.

Weathered mine-waste consists of oxidized primary minerals and chemically unstable secondary. FLT from the Elizabeth mine, a massive sulfide deposit, has a pH of 3. In contrast, higher-pH leachates produced from tailings of polymetallic.

Sulfide minerals at all sites exhibit differential degrees of. A recent EPA state of the science workshop showed that surface water pollution by metals. This information was used to develop a series of simulations to explore how selective. In recent years, mine lifecycle analysis has developed as a common and an especially robust.

We demonstrate. Miskovic and M. Karmis; Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering and. It is well recognized by policymakers, scientists, and stakeholders that implementation of. Without deployment of new carbon capture and storage CCS technologies.

This paper provides an economic and technical analysis of current CCS tech-. The central goal of this study is to investigate effects of. The selection of production method in aggregate mining is very important for optimum use of.

So the properties of the aggregate material must be known well to obtain the target. Rock properties effects the electricity consumption of the crushing-screening plants and the. CO2-e that release during the production of aggregate in different formations is determined. Thus, the effects of green house gas emission can be evaluated according to the characteristics.

The study presents the methods of determination. Cendere region were investigated by taking the different formations encountered at the. In order to establish a useful relationship between rock properties. In the case of one copper mine where a semi-mobile crushing plant with a capacity of approximately.

The surge of activity in the solar energy market, spurred by government. This study examined 4 active. Removal efficiency for Al, As, Cd, Cu,.

Treated water was not acutely or chronically toxic in samples having BCR treatment followed. Acute toxicity was removed [1 site] or significantly reduced [1 site]. Overall, results indicate that BCR. Vertical flow wetlands usually consist of an. In contrast a highly labile organic substrate treating. In this presentation, we will propose design considerations.

Passive treatment of mining influenced waters MIW has proven to be an effective alternative. While not appropriate for all MIW sites, it can typically. Lysimeters were installed at varying depths of an operating down flow BCR to further understanding.

The results of the lysimeter sampling events are used to identify the depths of COC. This data helps optimize the hydraulic retention. Thomas 1 , R. Nairn 2 , J. Bays 1 , T. Beisel 1 , J. LaBar 2 and K. Strevett 2 ; 1 CH2M Inc. Superfund Site. A large multi-cell passive treatment system was designed to receive approximately.

The parallel treatment train is extensively piped between. Storm water. Nairn 1 , K. Strevett 1 , J. LaBar 1 , T. Beisel 2 , R. Thomas 2 and J. Bays 2 ; 1 CEES,. Waters from the parallel trains are recombined in a polishing wetland prior to final discharge. Pb and As below detectable limits. The system is successfully addressing a substantial portion. Selection of an appropriate organic substrate mix is critical to the overall effectiveness and. Factors considered in the substrate selection.

This paper focuses. The substrate mixture selection is a balancing of large grain. This session will focus on industry activities and events that have led to positive results. Consideration will be given to two principal venues: the general public audience and the K-. Successful programs will be described and case histories.

Attendees will have the opportunity to take from this session the needed. Four types of deposits are. The magmatic-hydrothermal breccias deposits form a. Iron skarns formed at the top and edge of the trachyte. In , USBM calculated. With the projected. Fork, Idaho. The deposits are structurally controlled local replacements of crystalline limestone.

Precambrian porphyritic granite-augen gneiss. The deposits are considered to be of magmatic. Sheep Creek. The primary minerals reported are allanite, monazite, apatite, barite, rutile, ilmenite,. The average REE content of all the carbonate vein samples, analyzed in , is about. Limited exploration. As part of the U. Because rare earth elements REEs have become a significant commodity, an effort.

In this context, known REE deposits associated. Information from literature reviews, previous USGS studies, and current exploration. This presentation will introduce work done by Matamec Explorations Inc on its rare earthsyttrium. Also, work done on four other areas in. Initial metallurgical tests done on samples. The focus of the current research is rare earth element mineralization in late-stage carbonatites.

This study. Different parageneses that are developed. REE are investigated. Materials for this study include drill core supplied by Rare Element. A preliminary paragenetic. The deposit is enriched in lanthanides present in REE-bearing minerals as inclusions. Past metallurgical studies by the U. Bureau of Mines show.

In light of the desirability of domestic rare. Subordinate monazite and other REE minerals may be present in all three zones. REE exploration. This paper presents results of a study conducted on a slope failure that occurred in February. This design modification produced a factor of safety FOS of 1. A dewatering system using horizontal. A blast data base developed in a previous study is used in the current study.

The spare blast data are used. Diversity of the blasts data used is one of the. Hudaverdi 1 , P. Kulatilake 2 and C. Kuzu 1 ; 1 Mining Engineering, Istanbul. In this study, a new multivariate analysis procedure for prediction of blast fragmentation is. Blast design parameters, the modulus of elasticity and insitu.

First, the hierarchical cluster analysis was. Two different groups were. At the last stage, the multivariate regression analysis. Cemented rock fill CRF is used as the backfill in the open stope. CRF design includes the aggregate. In the aggregate design, the particle size distribution is one of the most influential.

To cut the backfill cost, fly ash usually is added into the binder to replace. Based on the different mining method, the different backfill with different strength is designed. Raise failure during excavation. They have a great influence on the production.

The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of tunnel. Using the geology, geological structures, in. Analyses were conducted for several. Barrier pillars that defend a set of five main entries at the Crandall Canyon mine in central. This retrospective analysis calls into question the safety of the mining. This paper discusses results of point load and uniaxial compressive strength UCS testing of.

The study involves point. In order to estimate the UCS of. An aggregates operations veteran and a community relations professional give blow by blow.

The case studies include a surface quarry, a sand and. Gravel pit. Blasting for aggregate mining operations is required. Permitted operations within urban environments.

To demonstrate the overall vibration. Iso-Seis vibration contouring. Results give a better understanding of. Vibrations from each single hole detonated will produce. It is possible.


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